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Green Office Initiative

When people think about recycling, they usually think of items like paper, glass and cans.

E-waste, which includes laser printer cartridges, inkjet printer cartridges, copier cartridges, fax cartridges, and multi-functional peripherals (MFPs or all-in-ones) along with used cell phones and IT equipment like desktop PCs, laptops and servers have been somewhat overlooked, but account for a growing portion of recyclable material.

E-waste is having a larger and larger negative impact on our environment.

Improper disposal of e-waste harms our environment by damaging air, soil and water, and takes up ever-increasing space in our landfills. And, for the most part, it takes less energy to make a product from recycled materials than it does to make it new from scratch!

That's why The Stockroom is committed to providing customers with environmentally sound, income-generating, closed-loop recycling solutions with seamless, integrated and fully supported recycling solutions.

One-third of businesses nationwide use remanufactured printer cartridges. Recycling your laser and ink jet printer cartridges will reduce the amount of plastic put into landfills. Most cartridges can be recycled up to six times and are guaranteed by most manufacturers to work as well as brand-new ones.